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How flexible is mediation to meet your needs

There are some basic necessities that a mediator must address...this to ensure the client is comfortable, without risk, and the environment is appropriate for open and focused discussion without duress.

However, if Covid-19 has taught mediators and many other professionals anything , it is to be flexible and thus available to all those who need assistance.

I can deliver

  • face to face mediation from sanitized offices in Eastbourne ,

  • on-line mediation, thus clients can effectively be anywhere that enables an effective signal,

  • shuttle mediation, giving clients the opportunity to have legal support during the process ,

  • even , shuttle mediation on-line...saving travel time and costs for All involved.

These are difficult times ,both from the view of “being” everyday, but also in contemplation of the future.

Some May believe this means delay in addressing “issues” , but to do so has further risk in storing up greater problems in the future.

Clients will benefit in many ways to open a dialogue through mediation so no time is lost in adapting in the future to these changing times , so your needs are met as effectively as possible.

Yes, the door to mediation is open , with a delivery style that suits you.

My objective , keep control , with you both planning away forward by mediation in “style”.


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