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Simple word. It probably was playing a huge part in how couples got together in the first place—fantastic communication of those loving vibes.

OK , so maybe those vibes have gone . Crisis has occurred . You are going in new directions . One or both of you may feel bereaved.

It takes time to assimilate the consequences for both of you and your children.

Why is it so difficult ?

Where has that good communication gone?

The inability to sustain communication between you time and time again is key to you both sorting out your financial affairs, child care and how your life rebalances into that new model of a family where you no longer live with the other parent to your kids.

It takes work , bravery , self control and focus on where you want to get to , whilst respecting the partner you will no longer be with.

Why? You benefit. Your children benefit. You retain control during that transition to the new model family.

Mediation helps you achieve this end.....go for it!


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