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Why not ?

My long career in the law exposed me to every type of client , and pretty much every situation.

One factor stood out to me , a court lawyer throughout my career , litigating the issues always cost a lot of money.

Some cases , you would say , you need the financial resources of Elton John to justify the expense and risks of the case in point.

Even then , it is not just the expense in monetary terms , no , the additional anxiety created by the court and legal system takes its toll too.

It is no surprise therefore that mediating a solution came to the surface as the go-to way forward for so many.

It is no surprise that the legal rule makers directed that before family law applications for children issues, and finance require a compulsory meeting with an accredited mediator , to ensure that every opportunity is given to the couples and parties involved to avoid the court system being evoked in anger, and instead try mediation.

Some may hold back , why compromise, have an “I know I am right” attitude , the law is on my side.

Hang on , there is no text book on a lawyers shelf telling you exactly what the financial deal should be.

Two parents hardly ever parent their child in the same way , and again there is no book to go to to tell you an answer. The books say what criteria to use to work it out.

You work it out by communication.

So , so often communication has broken down ,a root cause of conflict. Mediation is excellent at building back communication, choose it as the way forward.It enables the finding of solutions, for your family


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