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John Stebbing - Mediator


You will have the opportunity to speak with your mediator to explore all alternative methods of dispute resolution - a MIAMS, a precursor to contemplating court proceedings.

However, mediation is much more. Your mediator will guide you both to focus on practical and attainable solutions that resolve the burning issues that concern you. It may take several meetings. Although discussions can be difficult raising emotional and sometimes distressing scenarios, the mediator will assist in positive discussions directed at finding a solution that works for you. The discussion can be very open and focused, but entirely within your control. You mediate because you want to. You save time. You can avoid expensive court dispute costs. You can seek a solution that both of you buy into, and thus is going to be more reliable than one forced upon you by a Judge.

It is often dealing with your life, what you have both accumulated, and children dear to both your hearts, so it must be sensible to try to sort things out directly through mediation. Your mediator is independent of you both. Unless agreed otherwise, costs are shared between you. A call or email to the service will lead to a meeting and progress.

Mediation is here for you, confidential, cost effective and practical. Get in touch to find out more.


John Stebbing has a background of over 40 years handling family law cases, initially as a Solicitor before also becoming a mediator in 1999. He is also a Professional Practice Consultant for other mediators to tap into his experience and knowledge.  


Since the 1980’s John has been a member of the skilled children panel of the Law Society representing children in all sorts of legal situations. He seeks to take the drama and stress out of family disputes and instead resolve them with his clients “in style”. He does not accept the notion of a broken family but instead assists the creation of a new model of the family that provides a positive future for all.


He welcomes the opportunity to mediate with you in relation to all issues of concern. He is accredited with the Family Mediation Council, reference URN 0194A.

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